Relic Pro Documentation

Relic Pro Documentation

About Relic Pro theme

Relic Pro is a lightweight, clean, super flexible and bootstrap based responsive theme for business or corprate, personal websites. Relic Pro theme is built on top of Twitter Bootstrap which means that your site can be displayed on every device (pc, laptop, mobile devices, tablets etc) without horizontal scrolling. It has got custom widgets, theme-options etc in order to get it customized as per your need.

Relic pro theme Features

(1) Mobile Responsive
Relic Pro is 100% mobile responsive so it looks awesome in desktops, laptops, ipads and mobile screens.

(2) Unlimited Color Options
Relic Pro comes with UNLIMITED color options, not just yellow. You can select any color matching your business or logo !

(3) Customized Slider
Relic Pro comes with a unique slider which is custom built in-house. It can have properties with image and property specific info and has call to action buttons.

(4) Inbuilt Photo Gallery for Posts
All the featured images of a post becomes part of an awesome responsive Gallery !

(5) WooCommerce Ready
Relic Pro is WooCommerce Ready which means you can install WooCommerce free plugin and start selling products !

(6) Google Fonts
Relic Pro comes with several Google fonts to make your website look more modern and beautiful.

(7) 3 Post Layout Options
Relic Pro comes with 3 types of post layouts – left sidebar, right sidebar and full width.

(8) SEO Optimized
Relic Pro is SEO optimized hence it helps you reaching TOP in Google Results.

Relic Pro Basic Settings

Basic settings allow you to change color scheme of the theme, Font style, Logo, Favicon, Copyright text and layout of single post.

avocationpro_basic (1)

Relic Pro Home page settings

Home page settings of this theme deal mainly with the Slider. Images for the slider can be added very easily as shown in the below image.

relicpro_banner (1)

Selecting First section for editing will allow you to edit Title, Tab Image, Tab Title, Tab Short Description etc. which will be displayed on the home page.

relicpro_home_first (1)

Selecting Second section for editing will allow you to edit Title and change categories. which will be displayed on the home page.

relicpro_home_second (1)

Selecting Agents section for editing will allow you to edit Title. which will be displayed on the home page.

relicpro_home_agents (1)

Selecting Listings section for editing will allow you to edit Title. which will be displayed on the home page.

relicpro_home_listting (1)

Relic Pro Homepage Setup

Step  1  :  Create a home page


Step 2 : Set up that page as Front Page



Relic Pro Contact Page Settings

This section allows very easy change of contact information which will be displayed on the Contact us page on front end.

relicpro_contact (1)

Relic Pro Social Media settings

Social settings allow you to add links of your media accounts and display on the pages of the websites, which when clicked, will re-direct to your social media accounts. You can have Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin and RSS accounts linked.

relicpro_social (1)

Relic Pro Blog Page Settings

The image below shows the option (text box) which allows you to enter desired title for the blog post.

relicpro_blog_title (1)

This setting allows how your blog page will look. The image below states the steps to set how much of the blog
content (words) will be displayed as blog post and after that Read more option will be present for further reading if clicked.

relicpro_excerpt (1)

The option shown below allows you to hide some of the default Blog elements. All you need to do is mark the options and hit Save button.

relicpro_blog_meta (1)

Relic Pro Blog Page Setup

Step  1  :  Create a blog page


Step 2 : Set up that page as blog Page


Relic Pro Other Page Setup

To add other pages for your website, simple go to ‘Pages’ option, click on ‘Add new’ and select page template type from available template options.


Relic Pro Menu Setup

To set up the menu for website, simply follow the process shown in the below image.


Relic Pro Data Import & Export theme options

This is one of the unique features of this theme that allows very easy data migration to new server from development server. All the changes made to the theme can be exported over to new server just with a few clicks.

relicpro_export (1)

Relic Pro Dummy Data